• Want someone to help with your company's tweets, likes, promo's etc?

  • Struggling to attract more customers?

  • Not got the time?

    We can help

What can I do for you?

I am here to help your small business get more customers! I have extensive experience of online marketing and I decided to leave a big corporate company and set up on my own to help small businesses grow. I appreciate it's not easy these days to run a business as well as manage all the social media, marketing & advertising that goes with it. I want to lighten the load and give you the help you need with marketing your business in the appropriate channels. I can take over your facebook posts, twitter tweets and instagram photos allowing you to get on and run your business!
What are your needs?

Do you have a website and marketing collateral? Do you have the time to keep on top of your social media? I can set up a basic website for your company, design online banners, create flyers for print or design & print your business cards. I can help you with your marketing in a small or big way depending on what your requirements may be. We can have a no obligation chat and decide what's best for your business. Everyone has different budgets for social media & advertising and we can make your budget work for you! Please contact me & hopefully "run my social media" can run YOUR social media!
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Let me take over your social media posts. You can have daily posts, every other day, weekly or whatever you choose, I can do them for you. If you do not already have social media set up I can help you do that too. Facebook, twitter, instagram and the rest are so important in business these days and I can help you increase the awareness of your business using these channels.
Need a website?

If you have just set up your business and need a basic website I can do that for you. We can work out the best website for your company and I can either pass over the access to you to update or I can continue to manage updates for you. Having a website for your customers to visit is a must these days and I can get you online in no time! Please view my work to get an idea of what I can offer.
Flyers, Posters, Business Cards

Do you need help designing a company logo? I can help! You need to market & promote your business in as many channels as possible. You tell me what you want and I will help you design and print your advertising materials. We can agree on the format & design and work out what would have the highest impact. I can also order other materials such as hats, mouse mats, magnets and more!
Google search & Paid Advertising

I will help your potential customers find your business quickly & easily on google. I can set up paid advertising campaigns as well as ensure your unpaid search is running well for you. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential and I will help you ensure your business is appearing high in the google rankings. I can link google analytics to your site which will tell us the quality of traffic it's receiving.

    TESTIMONIAL - "I started a dog walking business but didn't know where to start online. Emma was amazing" Kath, Paw Power

  • "I knew I needed a website but didnt know where to start. I am so happy with what Emma produced"

    TESTIMONIAL - "Emma really took the stress out of the process and didn't make me feel a fusspot with all my tweaks and changes" - Holistic Hils

  • "we felt our business needed to get more out of Facebook and that's where Emma stepped in. We were so happy with the results"

    TESTIMONIAL - "we felt our business needed to get more out of Facebook and that's where Emma stepped in. We were so happy with the results" - Jakes Cafe


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