Below are some examples of how I have helped small businesses with their social media and advertising

Paw Power Services dog walking business

Paw Power came to me needing help and advice on how to advertise their new business. After our first meeting we agreed on a price for me to design them a basic website including their business logo, obtain a domain name and set up their facebook & twitter business pages. Once those were in place we also felt that print media was appropriate so we designed an A5 flyer and new business cards. I arranged for 500 of each to be printed.

I also created a paid search campaign on google for a month to build up traffic to their website. I linked google analytics to their website so we can see what traffic they are achieving. I made sure their website had all the keywords to ensure they appeared in google natural search pages too and registered them with Google Business so they will appear with other similar businesses when anyone seached on google for keywords like dog walker.

To top it off they wanted a cap with their logo on so I ordered that too!

Holistic Hils - Holistic healing treatments

Hilary came to me needing a basic website. She had already purchased the domain name so I agreed to set up a website promoting her services. I produced a 3 page website with a homepage, contact us and treatments. I worked with Hilary on what images and text she wanted on her site. I will continue to update when needed and at some point in the future Hilary wants to learn how to update the site herself so we will have a training session.  She will then be able to take control of the site herself and update when she needs to. 

Jakes Cafe

Jakes Cafe owners came to me asking for my help with their social media. They already had a facebook page set up but like many businesses were finding it hard getting the time to update it (they had not posted for over a year). This is where I stepped in. I now have admin rights to their facebook page and can update as and when they need me to. We have agreed on a service where they brief me what they want to post and I design an online banner to advertise their promotion.  I have also gone into the cafe for a photo session. You can't beat the real thing when photographing cakes!! I then use the photos for online banners & posters that they can display in the cafe. Jakes website that they created a few years ago then expired so they asked me to create another. So thats exactly what I did!  was reborn!

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